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  • Are you in a team seeking to make decisions more effectively while ensuring all voices are heard?
  • Is your organisation looking to improve its governance system making it more able to respond to changing environment?
  • Are you tired of long endless meetings which produce few good results?


If so you should consider:


Learn to make Decisions Collaboratively in Teams


Wouldn't your team want to embrace the collective wisdom in its decisions?  How can we collectively achieve results we all want?

A multi-media online pracital skills learning workshop for existing teams.  A combination of self-study videos and readings, guided and marked quizzes and activities online with personalised feedback, and live team interactive practice work with a group coach.  Also Ideal for virtual teams.

This course is for existing teams only, on demand, at mutually convenient times and location!  The interactive team practice component can be run in situ, or online by synchronous video-conference



Watch this introductory video:  The Power of Positive Governance.

The Power of #CollaborativeGovernance from Circle Forward on Vimeo.


Who is the course for?

This course for teams who are already (or are about to be) working together.  This can be:

  • workteams
  • project teams
  • working groups in organisations
  • steering committees
  • cross-disciplinary or cross-departmental teams
  • community teams, or
  • or indeed any group of people who are working together on a fixed set of common aims

This workshop is only for such existing working teams. The course has both an online self-study component, as well as, most importantly an interactive practice group work component working in sessiosn with a live coach.  The latter can be face to face or virtually by group video-conference, and it is where the skills are actually practiced and improved on, both through shared peer learning and with the coach.

This course is NOT for individuals.  However, if you can gather a group of 6 - 12 people (iideally 8-10) and agree in advance on a common aim and a set of decisions to be taken as a group, have a place to meet (or agree to work virtually), then we can consider running the workshop for you.  Please contact me.

What will you learn?

The Collaborative Decision-making for Teams module is a first and basic module which teaches teams the fundamental principles and practice of sociocracy, notably collaborative consent-based decision-making.  Optionally there are further modules available for teams or businesses wanting to apply deeper levels of sociocracy, or for organisations wanting to apply sociocracy throughout the organisation.  While it is a module, as part of a larger programme with more module, it is also self-contained, so it can be taken by itself.

In this module you will learn and practice the basic patterns of:

  • consent
  • rounds
  • picture forming
  • proposal shaping                    
  • paramount objectios
  • refining proposals
  • review
  • setting terms


What will you gain from this workshop?

  • More efficient team meetings
  • Genuine listening to each other
  • Decisions that stick and get executed
  • Automatic buy-in
  • Feedback loops with self correction
  • Unleashing collective wisdom
  • Equivalence of voice
  • Team harmony while respecting multi-perspectivity
  • Fully harnessing the power from diversity of views


How will you learn?

The basic module will give team members the basic skills to be able to make joint consent-based governance decisions and elections. The course comprises of

  • staged online video tutorials,
  • individual and group tasks and
  • self-study activities with online feedback,
  • and peer-learning frameworks, all done in the team's own time.
  • 9 hours of face to face group coaching live with a coach

In the team coaching sessions the team practices decision-making using actual issues they have to take decisions on as a group. The 9 hours comprise of three 3-hour sessions, which can be in person (eg at team's premises), by video-conference or a combination, making it cost effective. The course is thus also ideal for virtual teams.

Each participant has access to the workshop materials online, to a discussion forum, to a personalised online learning plan and online test, quizzes and activities with feedback.  The coach will also have access to each learner's online progress so that he/she can help and support each learner in a personalised way.

Who are the workshop leaders?

The workshop is run as a collaboration between Circle Forward, who supply the online material and participant progress reports, and Open2Flow, who provide the coach/faciltator for the 9-hours of practice work, and the face to face course guidance. In the U.K. the head trainer and group coach is Francois Knuchel:

Francois is a vastly experienced trainer and consultant, specialising in trans-cultural management training, new-paradigm leadership and lean business design. His experience of using circle management methods in the Japanese automotive industry has deeply influenced his passion for re-imagining the way that we work together.

He  is an important member of Open Space and Sociocracy communities, and has been working with Lean Management since before it was called Lean.  Francois is a member of the Human Organising Project, as well as being inolved in the steering group of the RSA’s fast growing ‘Reinventing Work Network’.


How much does it cost?

Fees comprise of

  • a fixed component for the coaching sessions and management (approx. £800, depending on location distance, virtual or combination) which goes to Open2Flow, and
  • £40 per registered team member who then each has personalised access to the material and the progress reports.  This goes to Circle Foward

The total is payable to Open2Flow as one lump sum at the start of the course.  For teams wanting face to face coaching practice sessions, this is currently only cost-effective in London or South East England, whereas for virtual teams or virtual sessions (by video-conference) there is no geographic limit.

Example: A team of 10 people doing the course virtually would cost a total £ 120 / pp (per participant), or £1,200 in total for the team.  This comprises £800 plus £400 (10 x £40), making it quite cost-effective.  The smaller the team, the higher the cost per person.  The maximum size of a team (for the practice sessions) is 15, however, and preferalby not larger than 12.  Minimally the team should not be smaller than 5 people.  Ideal size would be 6 - 10 members.


What next?

Because the course is only for pre-existing teams it is only available on demand.  Start, scheduling and venue of sessions is by mutual agreement.  Application is also by team.  The team should decide in advance who is participating and who will represent the group.  Once we have agreed to run the course and fixed the session schedule and price, the team representative will need to provide a list of each team member, email address and details, so that Circle Forward can prepare personalisted login and course plan.


If you are a team or a team of teams interested in discussing the course further and in applying to take the course, please contact us to arrange an initial conversation.


Call us on 020 7117 8648, email us  on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete this form (coming soon) to find out more.



Extracts from Circle Foward course introduction:

We’ve heard from so many people who want to see fundamental change in how they work together.

They have tried one tactic, process or tool after another only to find that not much changed significantly. They are steering their organizations and networks with antiquated methods that do not reflect their values.

We believe that fundamental change requires a whole different system of governance, one that is more responsive and has built-in feedback loops; a structure that includes the complexity and diversity that exists in our world today; a system that can allow us to relate to each other differently.

There are many reasons why people, like you, are investigating new governance systems.

  • Maybe, your organization is not working well
  • You want an organization that lines up with your values
  • You want to include more diverse voices in decisions
  • You and your colleagues are tackling complex issues and need new ways to navigate together.

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On The Power of #CollaborativeGovernance from Circle Forward on Vimeo.

Around the world, organizations, businesses, and networks are using Circle Forward to become more resilient, creative and productive, like healthy systems in the natural world.

We use governance every day in our families, our community groups, and at our jobs. Governance is the process of decision-making and the systems by which decisions are implemented. Some forms of governance can help our life or groups become resilient and move forward with elegant coordination, while others create obstacles and even lead to breakdown.

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