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Over a period of several years in 2018 and 2021, 4 people came together regularly online on Zoom and held dialogues on various aspects of Multi-Mind Thinking and Being.  The 4 people are:


Some of the conversations were recorded in a format of a short presentation on a particular theme by one of us, followed by a conversation about the theme by all. We called these the "Purple Octopus Web-Chats". Eight of these conversations were uploaded on Youtube, all together in this Youtube Playlist.  The individual links to the 8 recordings are listed below: 


      The Expense of Safety   
Exploring Complexity
Relating to Structures Cooperative Culture
Inventing Your World Relationships as Containers
Organising Tasks Learning to Unlearn




The Multi-Mind Metrics

Something that emerged from our work together is a deep dive into the metrics of multi-mind thinking, in other words, how do we know we are in Multi-Mind mode.  While the notes to this work are very extensive and elaborate, Laureen Golden has distilled the essence of our work into the following document: 

Purple Octopus Multi-Mind Metrics Summary.




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