Modular course introducing and practicing the fundamentals of Collaborative Decision-making in six 2-hour modules (co-located or online video-conference)


There is no doubt that as organisations try to become more adaptive and responsive, often applying principles of self-organisation, teams can no longer rely on a few people at the top to make all the decisions.  Indeed, if employees are to be engaged, they would not want to have their say ignored, we need a way for all team members' voices to be heard.  So:

  • How can teams make decisions efficiently and effectively without spending hours and hours deliberating?
  • How can you ensure that everyone's voice is genuinely heard equivalently, and that a team can see and take all perspectives into account?
  • How can you prevent decision paralysis where a team member blocks a proposal and causes an impasse?

Such issues are neatly addressed in Collaborative Decision-making (sometimes called Integrative Decision-making) and the core principles of Sociocracy.  Sociocracy includes a simple yet elegarnt way for teams, groups and circles to make decisions collaboratively in a way that is both quick and effective, and genuinely takes every team members' viewpoint into consideration in a highly creative way.




Learn how to make consent-based decisions in teams effectively

  • "When will we (finally) have our voice heard?"
  • Why should we tap into the inherent collective wisdom within our teams?
  • How can organisations encourage engagement and enhance employee experience?




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Increasingly teams have to make decisions as a collective, especially