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Over a period of several years in 2018 and 2021, 4 people came together regularly online on Zoom and held dialogues on various aspects of Multi-Mind Thinking and Being.  The 4 people are:


Some of the conversations were recorded in a format of a short presentation on a particular theme by one of us, followed by a conversation about the theme by all. We called these the "Purple Octopus Web-Chats". Eight of these conversations were uploaded on Youtube, all together in this Youtube Playlist.  The individual links to the 8 recordings are listed below: 
 youtube PNG102354The Expense of Safety youtube PNG102354Exploring Complexity youtube PNG102354Relating to Structures youtube PNG102354Cooperative Culture youtube PNG102354Inventing Your World youtube PNG102354Relationships as Containers youtube PNG102354Organising Tasks youtube PNG102354Learning to Unlearn





The Multi-Mind Metrics

Something that emerged from our work together is a deep dive into the metrics of multi-mind thinking, in other words, how do we know we are in Multi-Mind mode.  While the notes to this work are very extensive and elaborate, Laureen Golden has distilled the essence of our work into the following document: 


Purple Octopus Multi-Mind Metrics Summary.





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