Background Reference Material on new Ways of Working and Organising (Future of Work)

This is not intented to be comprehensive, simply intended to point people to some further background material they might want to consider looking to further.


Open Space Technology






Open Space Technology

  • Moreover you will find a number of useful links at the end of Martin’s short article What is Open Space

Books by Harrison Owen:

Wave Rider, Leadership for High Performance in a Self-organising World:

Open Space Technology, A User’s Guide:

Video clips:

Introduction to Open Space

Methods of Facilitation: Open Space Technology (Spanish)

Open Space Technology; The Power of Sefl-organisation (German)

Harrison Owen Ted Talk: Dancing with Shiva:




Thanks to Jan Höglund of Sweden for compiling this comprehensive list and for making it available and publicly updatable as a wiki at  This list below is copied from there, but is not updated regularly.  If you want to see the latest updated version of the list, please go to


Course Materials




Sociocratic Organizations










The best souce of background material can be found in Planet Lean, a subscriber pulication




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Agile Manifesto

manifesto copied + source link



Responsive Manifesto

manifesto copied + source link



Sociocracy does not have a manifesto, but has 4 minimal principles for an organisation to be considered sociocratic.  The 4 principles are:





Open Space Technology has 5 principles and 1 law but beyond that no manifesto.  The 5 principles and one law are:





Lean purposefully does not have a manifesto as it sees itself as a constantly evolving movement which a manifesto could potentially stagnate.  Nevertheless there are guiding principles:


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Beyond Budgeting has 12 principles:



Teal has 3 basic features

- self-organising

- wholeness

- evolutionary purpose



B-Corp ha




  • Enlivening Edge is a online publication reporting on a multitude of case studies, stories and methodologies around teal and generally new economomy approaches, largely inspired by Reinventing Organisations
  • The project is funded by Future Considerations
  • There are a number of new age consultancies which have emerged looking at instigating new working practices in teams in larger corporations.  They grew out of a consultancy called Undercurrent, and while unique all have similar tone to what they do (which is radically diffeent from traditional managemet consultancies):
  • The Ready
  • August
  • No...
  • coming soon.
  • .
  • .
  • Post-Shift & Base-Shift
  • Corporate Rebels


Please note that many of these consultancies have an open book transparency policy which they take to heart in that all (except client confidential stuff) of their material, internal documents and techniques are openly available for anyone to view through their website.