Welcome to the Open2Flow Mini-blog

This section is about leadership that matters to us, the people.  They are short digestable blogs of maximum three paragraphs for the busy person.  Longer blogs are in the Open Blog section, which is open to all registered users.

My first mini-blog is about blogging itself, why I'm doing it, what I hope to achieve.  To me a blog is between a tweet and an article or essay.  It tries to capture a thought or thesis in a concise way.  If the tweet is like a headline, then a blog is the executive summary, even if, ironically, the full essay or treatise does not exist.  The essay is implied, it's in the blogger's head.

I read many other people's blogs.  Some are interesting and pertinent, but many are like essays, they go on and on.  For a busy reader like myself, I find myself either skipping most of it, or putting aside to read later, which I then never do.  My aim here with this Mini-blog is to create blogs which are short and crisp, capturing the essence of a thought in as few words as possible.  The aim is to write blogs which are no longer than 3 paragraphs or 250 words.

I shall try to capture the essence of an idea, concept or thought as concisely as possible, to make it reader-friendly. My subjects will revolve around business, new capitalism, society, leadership, democracy and complexity management, with a future orientation.  However I will not restrict myself, so other "stuff" may slip in.  Each blog will a kind of landmark in my thought processes. While there may be an introductory tweet, there generally won't be an essay with evidence. Hence my blogs are largely personal and subjective.